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Core i7 660UM comes in Q3 2010
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TOPIC: Core i7 660UM comes in Q3 2010

Core i7 660UM comes in Q3 2010 11 anos, 11 meses passados #164

18W, 1.33GHz OC's to 2.4GHz

Intel plans yet another reinforcement to its Ultra low voltage generation of Arrandale CPUs. We still have to see Core i5 520UM, Core i5 540UM as well as Core i7 620UM and Core i7 640UM, all supposed to stay under 18W TDP, and Intel plans to introduce one, a bit faster version simply called Core i7 660UM.

This new CPU is based on the 32nm Arrandale dual-core that is capable of supporting four threads and it is clocked at a quite modest 1.33GHz. This is not bad for a CPU that has graphics and most of the chipset on the same socket. The best part, however, is that it will be able to overclock all the way to 2.4GHz.

We are quite sure that with this clock it will dissipate more than 18W, but this will be controlled by notebook software of user itself. The graphics base frequency will be 166MHz, but it will jump to 500MHz when needed and DDR3 memory will work at 800MHz.

The CPU has 4MB of cache and comes in BGA package. The launch date is Q3 2010 and this CPU is set to replace Core i7 640UM in Intel’s top end of Ultra Thin performance market

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