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AMD's HD 5570 detailed
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TOPIC: AMD's HD 5570 detailed

AMD's HD 5570 detailed 11 anos, 11 meses passados #151

Still coming February 9

In addition to the HD 5450 which was officially launched yesterday, AMD is preparing another card that should fill the gap between the HD 5450 and the HD 5670. The card in question is the HD 5570 which should be quite similar to the HD 5670, at least when you take a look at main specifications, but it will use lower clocks and cheaper memory.

According to the leaked slides, the HD 5570 card features 40nm GPU with 627M transistors and 400 Stream processors. It has 8 ROPs, 20 texture units, 650MHz core clock and uses DDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz (1.8GHz) paired up with a 128-bit memory interface.

Thanks to the the lower clocks the maximum TDP is 42.7W, while in idle the card's power consumption is 9.69W. The reference solution is based on a low profile PCB with small heatsink and fan combination cooler, but we guess that partners will go for their own solutions and we will probably see quite a few passive cards.

The card should be priced to fit between the HD 5450 and the HD 5670, which is somewhere around €50 to €60, considering the fact that HD 5450 can be found for as low as €40 and the lowest price for the HD 5670 is around €70.

According to our info, the card is still scheduled launch on February 9.

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